Project 7 Web Page

: A webpage designed using html and css for a logo, including the description of the process for making the logo.

  1. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): First, I made the logo. I made it using Adobe Illustrator, I used the star shape and added many points for the sun, then I made the banner using a start with four side and the direct select tool to make it look like a banner, to which I added a complementary blue outline stroke and then text. The webpage was formatted using html and css linked together. The blue used came from using the color picker in Photoshop to get the code for the blue from a picture of the sky and then manipulating it. I then added a maroon border. I added my logo and centered it by coding the html. This was an enjoyable process.
  2. Message: My message is that I can design webpages and logos according to different needs and audiences.
  3. Audience: The audience for the logo is health conscious people that enjoy orange juice and the audience for my webpage is future employers.
  4. Top Thing Learned: The biggest thing I learned is how to work with html and css to create unique webpages.
  5. Color scheme and color hex(s): My color scheme is a split complementary using orange (), blue (#559fba), and Maroon (#620201)
  6. Title Font Families & Category: The title font is Verdana, which is a Sans-Serif.
  7. Copy Font Families & Category: The body copy is Times New Roman, which is a serif.
  8. Changes made to the CSS: The changes I made to the CSS were those of text and of color.
  9. Word Count: 211 (webpage), 286 (this post)