Shallow Depth of Field: For these pictures I used a 50mm Nikon lens on a Nikon D7200. I was so excited to use this lens because Brother Miller said it would be good for shallow depth of field. I made a reservation at the school to check one out but I was unable to find my iCard. Luckily, that night a good friend of mine who knew I was taking this class was excited to show me his camera lens and I was able to borrow his 50mm for this project.


BOM, 50mm, f/2.8, 1/60 sec, Nikon D7200

I think shallow depth of field adds great emotion to images. I wanted images that meant something to me. I have a passion and a love for the scriptures which is where my first image came from. Using the single spot focus I focused on a quad.


LEAF, 50mm, f/1.4, 1/15 sec, Nikon D7200

I also have a love for nature, the sun had just barely disappeared in the horizon and the day was cloudy so I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to get a good image but I loved this one. The light was just enough.

Deep Depth of field: For these pictures I used 18-150 mm Nikon lens on a Nikon D7200, which is just the stock that comes with this camera. My subject for these pictures were the I-Center and the Technology Center at the BYU-I campus. With these I wanted my images to look clean and crisp and showcase campus.


ICenter, 18mm, f/4, 1/60 sec, Nikon D7200

I love big windows. I find them beautiful and elegant so I wanted these to be the main subject of this shot.


TechCenter, 18mm, f/3.5, 1/30 sec, Nikon D7200

The technology center is incredibly beautiful. It has exactly what I was looking for a crisp and clean look. There was so many people walking by, at first I tried to get shots with nobody in them but then thought: what’s a building with no people?. So then I embraced them.


6 thoughts on “Depth of Field

  1. Wow I really do love this photos. I especially like these deep focus ones. I think you really have great composition in them, with the angles and interesting lines. They are set up really well and edited very well as well! I also really love your first photo- the leading lines work really well in it! Great job!


  2. I love that first picture with the books! That aperture… mmm! I also really like your photo of the I-Center, it’s very crisp and nice. The framing on it is excellent as well. The second deep depth of field is interesting. The lighting is very different than the I-Center is, it almost looks cold. (I’ve been in there, it’s a very beautiful building)
    Check out my photos from this week


  3. Hey, Kimberly! Great job on your photos, I really like them! My favorite is the one with the scriptures. I love how the writing is so clear on the one in focus. I can really tell where the ‘red lines’ are. Also, the one in the I-center is a great example of deep depth. There are great examples of objects near and far that are in focus. Good job. Here is a link to my blog.


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