I was driving around trying to find something interesting to shoot. While passing by a neighborhood I saw a beautiful wooden swing. Which much hesitation and with much help from a friend that was with me we knocked and asked they sweetest old lady, if we could take pictures of her swing.

While taking pictures of the swing I noticed a beautiful rustic barn next to the swing and started taking pictures of it. The sweet old woman came out and began telling us about herself. Shelived alone and had lived at that same for a long time. She had brought the barn with her all those years ago. Now 68, she continued to treasure the barn she built with her sister and her late father when she was just 20. It was an honor to shoot something that may seem common but meant so much to such a sweet person.

I created this image by adding the texture below to the original image. I uploaded the two images to the same Photoshop document, with the texture on top and selected the “multiply” blending mode to the top one.



I did very little editing on these images. On the picture of the door on the far left of the collage I sharpened it with an unsharpen mask and then just brightened it up and added more contrast. All I did for the rest of the images was raise the brightness and the contrast.

kimberly_amparo_bolt kimberly_amparo_doordepth kimberly_amparo_perspectivecollage


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