I fell in love with macro photography this week. I had a steep learning curve (focus isn’t always my friend) with this one but now I want to keep practicing and getting better. For these images I used a Nikon D7200, Macro Tubes and a 75-300 mm on top of that on top of a tripod. For lighting I used two LED lights on either side. I look pictures of a pineapple, flower, and a succulent.



kimberly_amparo_macro1_webkimberly_amparo_macro2_webkimberly_amparo_macro3_webkimberlyamparo_bw_web kimberlyamparo_plant_web


4 thoughts on “Close up & Personal

  1. Nice job Kimberly! I really really like the purple flower with the raindrops! The colors are gorgeous and the droplets are super clear. I think you did a great job with composition and focus. I think you chose interesting subjects, especially because most of the plants have little hairs and cool texture.

    Check out my blog at https://naomisweetblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/macro/
    and also check out Kaylie’s blog at https://kaileydeg.wordpress.com/2016/10/14/macro-2/


  2. I love your black and white macros. It is cool just to focus on the texture and details rather then the colors. I love that you choose a pineapple and a succulent! Two of my favorite things. Check out my blog! bayliemadysonsite.wordpress.com


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