This shoot consists of portraits, and portraits with enhancements. This was challenging at times. I found myself trying to do color matching for 3 hours with other images and then when it came time to do the color matching activity using the feature in Photoshop I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry because it was ridiculously easy.


Using Nikon D7200 and a 50mm Lens.



Long Shot


Head and shoulders (not the shampoo)


Full Body


Candid Group


Posed group

environmental_kimberlyamparo_webCollege Students in their natural habitat- frying their brains.


Smooth skin, whitened teeth and eyes, enhanced iris.(Original below)



Color matching background (background and over exposed shots below)



Color replacement- Blue lips and eyes (see OG below)



4 thoughts on “Portraits & Enhancements

  1. Great job Kimberly! I really like the background you chose! Nice job on capturing what you needed for the assignment. You could work on posing people a little bit more. In the group candid shot the girl is kind of hidden behind the guy. Other then that I like the color placement you did and great job on the color matching!
    Check out my work and a classmates.


  2. Hey Kim! Great job on your portraits. I like the backgrounds you chose for your photos, they were very interesting and added to the photos. I like how you posed your models, it made the photo feel comfortable and natural. Good job with the composition of your photos, they have great leading room and you followed the rule of thirds well! Here’s a link to my blog and Naomi’s!


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