Fine Art Print

NIKON D7200-f/36-1/20sec-ISO 1000

For my fine art print I made took a macro shot. This was taken using a Nikon D7200 with macro tubes attached. I set us a backdrop by setting up 3 white canvas, with 2 LED lights pointing at it. I set the camera on a tripod with a timer to get optimal steadiness and sharpness. This is what came out.

I took this image into Adobe Lightroom where I turned up the exposure, clarity, and sharpness. i then created adjustment brush with a higher exposure and white to make the background whiter. Then I made another adjustment brush with a more green tint and a lower exposure. After that i took it into Adobe Photoshop. I used the spot healing tool to get rid of those white glares. This was the final outcome.


I took this to a local copy spot. They printed it on a 16×24 foam board with a Satin Finish.

Here’s a video explaining my process.


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