Graphic Design Work Samples

These are some of my graphic designs, all were created using Illustrator to create these vector graphics.

Gig Poster:

This is not a real event or DJ. This was my first attempt at a neon effect, I love learning new techniques. I also created the font used for the DJ’s name.



I designed these with my brother in mind, who is an avid biker in Las Vegas.

Stickers_Kimberly Amparo


I re-created a vector of a Fossil Q. Mine is on the left.

Kimberly Amparo_Watch


Created this graphic and had it put on a baseball tee using dye sublimation. Inspired by my 90’s Full House nostalgia.



The Sock Shop Commercials

These are a couple of the commercials I made for a shop I helped start and operate on my college campus. I made there while I was marketing director. They played on monitors school wide, and on the company’s social media.

Bear Stop Motion:

I was day dreaming about this idea for days and was so excited to make it happen! I made a homemade light box for this and began to film with a Nikon D7200. The bear was so small that It was difficult to focus so I switched to my iPhone. I used an app called Stop Motion to edit this.. I was amazed how simple this process was!

Feet commercial:

I wish you all could have seen me around campus pushing a long board while lying face down on the ground to get most of these shots. This was shot on a Nikon D7200 and edited in Adobe Premier Pro, I didn’t have all of the equipment I needed but it was fun trying to make this work!

Photo Contest



I took this image at Bannack. It was taken completely with natural light. My setting were 1/50sec, f/6.3, ISO 100, with a 50mm lens on a Nikon D7200.

I entered this image into Newbie of the Month contest. I liked this one a lot, it’s just a bunch of people who love photography. I thought it was fun to be in a contest with other people who are brand new to photography. 12/10/2016


I took this during Macro week. I set up a backdrop with white canvas. I had 2 LED light boxes set up. I had macro tubes attached to 75 to 300 mm on the same Nikon D7200.

I entered this into two contests on The first was called Mother Nature ( and the second was Green ( I like this site because there are SO many categories to enter into and so many submissions. I loved looking at what others entered as well as submitting these! It’s crazy how many categories one picture could enter into.


This image was taken at Bannack of Stan the Cowboy. It was taken with a 50mm on a Nikon D7200. Settings were at f/5.6, 1/160 sec, ISO 200.

I also entered this one at I entered into their Best Portrait conest ( This contest was different than the others on this site. It required me to write about the image and create a title for it. .



This semester taking COMM 300 at BYUI has been an adventure. I originally felt helpless, I couldn’t even take a picture with proper lighting or focus. I didn’t even know how to move the settings. I’m grateful for the hard times, it was a steep learning curve but it was so worth it.

All the pictures in my book are from different blog posts of the semester. I put together this photobook in InDesign using pages. I used Oxford for the title fonts and Open Sans for the body copy. I then sent it to MyPublisher and received it in the mail shortly after. Here’s my final product.



Link to my photobook

Portraits & Enhancements

This shoot consists of portraits, and portraits with enhancements. This was challenging at times. I found myself trying to do color matching for 3 hours with other images and then when it came time to do the color matching activity using the feature in Photoshop I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry because it was ridiculously easy.


Using Nikon D7200 and a 50mm Lens.



Long Shot


Head and shoulders (not the shampoo)


Full Body


Candid Group


Posed group

environmental_kimberlyamparo_webCollege Students in their natural habitat- frying their brains.


Smooth skin, whitened teeth and eyes, enhanced iris.(Original below)



Color matching background (background and over exposed shots below)



Color replacement- Blue lips and eyes (see OG below)



Reflectors are on going on my list of new loves. The difference they make are incredible. I used silver and gold reflectors and a light diffuser. All photos are taken with a Nikon D7200, Fstop: 4.5, shutterspeed: 100, ISO: 100. See below!

Without a reflector:
The day was cloudy but you can see light coming from the right side of his face. But the left is dark.


With a silver reflector:

The silver reflector makes his face really bright! 

Using a light diffuser:

The light is even all across and the lighting is really soft.


With a gold diffuser:

Colors look nice, bright and warm all across!